Behind the Clay: Tour the Manufaktura showroom, factory, and museum store with the PPO owners

February 10, 2024 1 Comment


Established in 1992, Manufaktura” is a joint venture between the Smolenski and Zwierz families of Boleslawiec.

Exploring artistic freedom, Manufaktura has won awards for their graphic designs and are known for cooperating with amazing artists to develop new and unique patterns. 

The use of handmade manufacturing developed using traditional technology, they are viewed as one of the most important producers of Bolesławiec pottery.

The Manufaktura Showroom

"We believe that pottery is created from the combination of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire and the human desire to be surrounded by beauty".


Outside of the Factory

Manufaktura w Bolestawcu

Mugs ready to be painted

200 People work in the factory

Manufaktura w Bolestawcu

So many tools are used to create Polish Pottery

Drying Racks

Painted, and ready for the glazing process

The factory tour


Scattered Farms being painted!

The White Clay used in Polish Pottery 

Manufaktura w Bolestawcu

The PPO owners in the Museum Store

The Kiln where the pottery is "cooked"  to create its durable coating.

The molds used to make forms

An artist of Signature Designs Anna Szeremeta 

The entrance to the Museum Store

The showroom

Outside the Factory 

Simply Beautiful 

Fiesta Pattern

Kitty Cat Path

Fish Platters

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