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"We believe that pottery is created from the combination of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire and the human desire to be surrounded by beauty".

Established in 1992, "Fabryka Naczyn' Kamionkowych Manufaktura Sp. J. Smolenski & Zwierz", a.k.a. "Manufaktura" is a joint venture between the Smolenski and Zwierz families of Boleslawiec. Promoting artistic freedom, Manufaktura has won awards for their graphical designs and their efforts to actively promote Bolesławiec pottery around the world. Manual manufacturing based on a traditional technology, an openness to new decorative elements, and co-operation with designer artists make “Manufaktura” a trend-setting company, viewed as one of the most important producers of Bolesławiec pottery. 

Polish Pottery Outlet and Manufaktura

The Polish Pottery Outlet chose Manufaktura as the first Polish Pottery manufacturer to cooperate with in 2006 and they remain the largest source of our extensive collection. Working with Pawel and Malgosia has been a pleasure and we've enjoyed the growth in popularity of their beautiful line of Polish Pottery! We are pleased to offer their products and you'll be pleased to display and use them in your daily lives. 


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