Sunflower of Peace

April 04, 2022 3 Comments

 We feel honored by the compassion that the Friends and Family of Polish Pottery Outlet displayed for the Sunflower.
We sent a donation to Sunflower of Peace for $1,500US.   
Within a few hours, all the pieces from the artist collection Teresa Liana were sold.
She is incredible.  We can't wait to share more with you about her.
We were reminded how beautiful the Sunflower is. A symbol for Peace and Hope. Poland borders the Ukraine, and we will continue to send our love and compassion
The sunflowers of Polish Pottery


Designer Spotlight: Sunflower designs from Teresa Liana

We are enchanted by the signature design with a Sunflower. It is an inspiration as a symbol of hope, resilience, and beauty.

These Sunflowers are Unikat patterns, which means "unique" in Polish, and are specific to one manufacturer.


Sunflowers of Polish Pottery


These are designed by the artist Teresa Liana, one of the most sought after artists from Ceramika Artystyczna  

She has  been designing Polish Pottery since 1992.

"I start the process of decoration with drawing and cutting fine stamps. Decorating with stamps combined with applying a wide range of paints allows it to create extremely interesting ornaments and give ordinary vessels decorative qualities. Most willingly I reach for plant motives that can be arranged in colorful decorations again and again. Baking, which is a many-hour process, is impatient waiting for the final result, but also it is time for reviewing the current achievements.”

Poland , the home of polish Pottery

 Again thank you for for your support of Sunflower of Peace.  

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