Manufaktura : Polish Pottery Factory tour in Bolesławiec, Poland

June 21, 2022

Behind the Clay:  Factory tour

We work directly with all our partners in Poland to ship the unique designs directly to our warehouse in Colorado.   Manufaktura is a top factory that we cooperate with.

Polish Pottery Outlet has been partners for many years with this incredible factory.

All manufacturers of Polish Pottery offer different levels of artistry at pricing to match the level and difficulty of the artwork. Polish Pottery from Manufaktura comes at three levels of design expertise: traditional, unikat (unique) and signature..

Blue Basket weave Plates from Manufaktura

 Manufaktura w Boleslawcu.

Established in 1992,  the  joint venture between the Smolenski and Zwierz families of Boleslawiec was always focused on design and quality.  Promoting artistic freedom, Manufaktura has won awards for their graphical designs and their efforts to actively promote Bolesławiec pottery around the world.

 Plates from Manufaktura

 The showroom is colorful and inspirational

Artisan manufacturing based on a traditional technique and technology, the company  has an openness to new design elements.  They work with designer artists making Manufaktura  a trend-setting company.  They are viewed as one of the most important producers of Bolesławiec pottery in the world, and we are proud to partner with Pawel and Malgosia, the owners . 

Plates from Manufaktura

The tour begins in the factory

What it is like to visit a factory that makes Polish Pottery and to see how clay is turned into art?  Here is the entrance into the factory of Manufaktura.  

Night Sky Plates from Manufaktura

Known for high quality pottery with lots of pattern choices

The factory employs 200 people that work to hand make their unique Polish Pottery.  The owners, Malgosia,and Pawel are committed to excellence in quality production and operations 

Pattern Choices

The pottery production process is extensive

Here, are drying forms before they are painted with their traditional, Unikat and signature designs.

Mugs from Manufaktura

The glazing process can include multiple layers

Painted forms are drying to prepare for the next production process.

 Plates from Manufaktura

A peek into their museum and store

The finished pottery is on the showroom floor at Manufaktura.  This pattern is a favorite and we call  Poppies and Posies

Gorgeous pattern from Manufaktura

A special wall in the museum

A one of kind display by a Signature Artist. What a unique design.

Night Sky Plates from Manufaktura

Learn how to paint

Manufaktura offers a unique experience to their visitors- make you own design.  Here, the stamps, paints, and forms are ready for your masterpiece.

Night Sky Plates from Manufaktura

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