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When we moved to Warsaw in August of 1995, I arrived without a clue as to what Bolesławiec Pottery was.  I was what they called a “trailing spouse” to my wife’s full time accounting career. We had made the decision to bring our three year old twins, and our one and a half year old to Warsaw on a tour of duty with her accounting firm for an “international experience.” Little did we know the experiences that awaited us in Poland.

Twins, Ben (right) and Tim (left) with brother, Bryce (center) at Easter in Poland.

I assumed the position of full time father and cultural liaison. That meant I was in charge of managing three toddlers, while attempting to minimize the cultural effects of living in a new country with little language training or experience. My duties included shopping the local open markets for fresh food and items needed in the home and cooking, while managing our three energetic young boys. Through gifts and some of my shopping adventures, I was introduced to the Polish Pottery in our first year in Poland.

Dan and Tim prepare for the Polish winter.

I became enchanted with the designs (even though there were many less at the time) and began to recognize its superior quality while cooking with them. Soon, we were hooked and collecting a myriad of patterns and pieces.

Over time, my wife reached the partner level with her firm in Poland. I found myself taking on the role of “social director” as well. This required the planning, procurement, cooking and presentation of food for many large social gatherings at our home and quite a few smaller opportunities to entertain her clients and colleagues. Even though all of the events were different in theme (we once threw a ‘beach party’ in winter for her entire department) and attendees, there was one main constant – the Polish Pottery.  We always mixed the patterns and pieces on the table providing a stimulating, yet comfortable, ambience for companionship and conversation. At the end of each event, I was touched by the overwhelming gratitude of our Polish colleagues and ex-pat guests. One other thing that left a lasting impression was the constant compliments and praise for the Polish Pottery during the course of the evenings. It became an easy choice and our favorite gift to send to all of our family and friends for birthdays and Christmas. Polish Pottery was always well received and cherished by whomever we gave it to.

Early on, I learned of the quality of the pottery. As a novice chef, I appreciated how easy it was to clean sticky or burnt food (yes, occasionally it happened). Over time, my skills improved and the real benefits of cooking with the Polish pottery revealed themselves. Even heating and moisture retention made a noticeable difference in the consistency and flavor of the food.  Furthermore, as the boys took over the responsibility of “dish duty,” we really appreciated the durability of the high quality stoneware. I had become a solid fan of the beauty and quality of the Bolesławiec Pottery!

Views of Bolesławiec

In the fall of 1999, we moved back to the USA, saying good-bye to many of our cherished friends in Poland. We brought home many wonderful memories and a broad selection of Polish Pottery we had collected over the years. It had become our everyday dishes and to this day maintains that role. The boys are all grown up now, and life has brought some unexpected changes, but the one thing that has remained constant is the durability, quality, and beauty of our Polish pottery! Its appearance continues to bring compliments to our table.

In 2005, I was approached by one of my Polish friends with the idea of importing the pottery to the United States.  In June of 2005, we formed “Inspired Design, LLC” and opened our first outlet in Englewood, Colorado in the back of a warehouse. Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to “The Unique Artistry of Poland.” In addition, we hoped to share our appreciation for the Polish culture, and the high quality crafts inherent in this wonderful country – currently one of our greatest allies on the European continent.

Today, we are the largest importer of Manufaktura products in the world. In addition, we support the artists of many other smaller Polish Pottery manufacturers in the Silesian Region of Poland.

Our shipping efforts promote recycling the many discarded packing materials available in our area.

We are very thankful that the word is getting out and our customers are enjoying the beauty and benefits of this heirloom quality, handmade stoneware from Bolesławiec, Poland.

Whether you are a first time buyer of Polish Pottery or a seasoned collector, you (or whomever you give it to) will appreciate the uniqueness, beauty, and heirloom quality of our pottery.  Once you use it, you will understand our passion for Bolesławiec Pottery and the artistry of Poland!

Wszytkiego Najlepszego! (Wishing you all the best),

Daniel Danner

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Amanda Perry
Amanda Perry

February 14, 2022

I love your story! My apartment neighbors that live across the hallway from me are Polish born. One immigrated to the US as a child, his wife to Canada when she was a bit older and is now working towards her US citizenship. They both often talk and reminisce of Poland. And I have had the great pleasure of their cooking! I have become very good friends with the wife (she is a dog lover) and bought one of the dog ornaments for her to symbolize our friendship and my appreciation of her Polish heritage! I’m glad I found your site, I know where to do my Christmas shopping for my beloved Polish neighbors!

Paula Fulgium
Paula Fulgium

August 20, 2017

I love your story and love Polish Pottery after discovering it while stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. At the request of a friend, moving back to the States, A group of 4-6 Military wives , loaded up in my van, we got up in the early morning and drove 5-1/2 hours to Bolesławiec to shop at the factories. At first I wasn’t so interested other than helping my friend to have her last shopping trip before leaving for the States. My friend insisted I buy a casserole dish and told me to make lasagne in it! Well, I like useable, and practical…it goes in the oven, dishwasher and microwave as you say! Cleans up beautifully and easily besides being beautiful! I did not collect any certain pattern, I mixed and matched. As the designs became more of the hand painting with hand stamped I ended up with a a great variety of beautiful dishes!—-I wish I lived closer! (I’m in Oklahoma) I would love to visit, heck I wish I could work for you!❤️


November 17, 2016

I love this story! My ancestors are Polish but only recently did we discover Polish Pottery while my parents were visiting parts of Poland. was introduced to your website by a friend and am thrilled about the Christmas gifts I found! Thanks for your beautiful work!


Patricia Swanson
Patricia Swanson

October 11, 2016

Greetings. I live in Aurora, CO. When Imgoogles Polish Pottery, I came upon your listing. How ironic. My adult daughter now lives in Warsaw and teaches at the American School of Warsaw. My husband and I will travel to see her in a week.

We plan to visit the city where the pottery is made and go to the factory. I think that I might try to stop at you place this Friday.

I loved you back story.


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