W.R. Ceramika

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W.R. Ceramika

The W.R. CERAMIKA S.C. J.K. Rutyna company was started in 1978 by the Rutyna family. Originally known as "W.R. Unikat," their emphasis was placed on unique patterns primarily designed around floral, plant, and traditional stamp motifs. W.R. Ceramika offers four levels of "Unikat" artistry, and most of their patterns incorporate both hand painting and stamping techniques to achieve the original designs developed in their local workshop.  The products manufactured by W.R. Ceramika are an excellent showpiece of native Polish craftsmanship and are appreciated in many countries around the world. 


W.R. Ceramika believes that high quality products have contributed to the company's success and they strive to raise their standards at every stage of production.  

The Polish Pottery Outlet is pleased to offer our customers products from W.R. Ceramika!

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