A deeper dive into Polish Pottery Bowls

March 13, 2022 2 Comments

The Polish Pottery Bowls

There are many shapes in Polish Pottery that are unique, but bowls have a special place in many hearts.  

The number of choices in bowls may be the reason we love them. Polish Pottery is known for lots of unusual bowl shapes, like nesting bowls, large mixing bowls, and square bowls.

The official name of the shapes, including plates and bowls in Poland is called Forms. The artists shape the form on the wheel.  Forms are the tableware and bakeware like bowls, plates, vases, figurines. and bake ware


Bowls piled at Polish Pottery Outlet
 When you see the Forms the Polish pottery artists create, you realize how special  Polish Pottery is.  The sheen and the quality of the special white clay allows it to mold into a shape that feels very nice to touch.  It is a combination of the form, the glaze, the white clay, and the design that make Polish Pottery so beloved.  It is hard to believe that you can use it in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.  


The Philosophy of a Circle

Why is the bowl such a popular style?   The pasta bowl, nut bowl, nesting bowls are all favorites.  The circle is a very special shape, perhaps as it reminds us of the sun, flowers, the moon, and our planets,

Philosophy of a circle at Polish Pottery

The circle was also transformed into the most significant discovery, which was the wheel.  We use  circular photographic lenses to help us look at microscopic things like budding flowers, and faraway visions like the stars in the  universe.   We use domes as inspiration in our buildings and the human body is a series of circles. 

 How the Round shape makes us feel

The Circle is a shape that is calming and secure, reminding us of how we feel in nature.  For animal lovers, our darling dogs have eyes that are circles looking up at us!  Dog bowls rule 

The Bowl is a form that is captivating. The Circle is a huge part of Polish Pottery. the Peacock Pattern is an example that celebrates the circle.

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April 09, 2022

I love your descriptions! How fun!

Kari Swenson
Kari Swenson

April 02, 2022

If you have any thoughts about bowls, let me know!

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