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Bountiful Berry Bowls!

June 07, 2016 1 Comment

Bountiful Berry Bowls!

Now is the perfect time to pick up a Polish pottery berry bowl! These gorgeous, functional bowls help ensure your berries stay fresher for longer periods of time (and look great while doing it)! Simply pick up your favorite berries at your local grocery store or farmers' market, place them in your Polish pottery berry bowl, rinse them under cold water, and pop them in the fridge for delicious berries that stay colder and fresher than ever before! Because the unique clay in our pottery helps maintain a constant temperature while serving, and the holes along the sides and bottom provide ample air flow, there is no need to transfer to another bowl!

These versatile beauties aren't just for berries! You can also use your berry bowl as a colander for all of your straining/draining needs! They are perfect for washing and storing veggies, draining pasta, or anything else your heart desires!


All of our Manufaktura berry bowls (product no. D038) come with a 8.5" plate to rest on, while those from  WR Ceramika (product no. WR62A) have a built-in pedestal for optimal beauty and functionality!

You can browse our entire selection right here:

Now that's something to get BERRY excited about!



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August 20, 2016

I just ordered a berry bowl the other day and can’t wait til it arrives. Even my husband who tells me I have too many dishes always reaches for the Polish pottery pieces and am sure he will really like this one.

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