Girls’ Night With My Cooking Club

October 04, 2011 2 Comments

Some people have book clubs that don’t read books…they tell me they just need an excuse to get together. I make no pretense. When I want to get together with some of my friends, all we need is excellent food.

As our children grew up and left the nest, we realized we would no longer have the opportunities to get together  to attend school functions.   Now there are no school functions, fund raisers, etc., JUST FOOD  and FUN!!! Our  ”cooking club” gets together  every couple of months, ( never often enough) but when we do, it fills us up emotionally and physically!!

Our method of organization is fairly simple, thanks to email. The hostess picks a theme and prepares the main dish. The rest of the ladies look for awesome recipes to compliment the  entree, and we always have the  the most amazing combinations of gastronomical delights. The truth is, we could eat crackers and drink water and be happy…it’s all about getting together, but the cooking and delicious recipes have turned out to be very beneficial for everyone…even the men in our lives!

Some of the ladies enjoy dessert out of their Polish Pottery dessert cups (called “ice cream cups” on our;  Jan is hamming it up, as usual!!!


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