Polish Pottery in Fall Colors

November 09, 2011

Polish Pottery from The Polish Pottery Outlet adds a warm, homey touch featuring many of the fall colors.

We call our pottery “functional art” since each piece can serve many purposes and is hand stamped and/or hand painted by the artists in Boleslawiec, Poland. Many of the patterns which feature the fall colors are either Unikat (A series painted by a select group of accomplished artists with a edge painted in cobalt blue or green. These are usually more detailed and colorful than the traditional designs.), or Signature (A series designed, painted and signed by one very accomplished artist which also has a colored edge of either cobalt blue or green. Signature patterns are much more intricate in their design. In addition, the artwork on a Signature piece is more extensive. For instance, the plates have the design extending onto the back to add to the appeal as you look up at them on display or in your cabinets!) A few of the Traditional  Patterns also feature the greens and browns (These are painted by the largest pool of artists.  They consider these their most simple patterns, and the white rim is that of the natural, fired clay.).

The Polish Pottery Outlet in Denver and online at www.thepolishoutlet.com carries a variety of different color palates to match any home decor. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are featuring the warmth of the “fall colors.”

In the picture above,Unikat pattern, “Butterfly” is shown  in the large canister, and the footed pedestal is the Signature Pattern – “Bouquet in a Basket.”


Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

One of the best “recipes” I have for a great celebration is the use of my large square dinner plates for our feast!  At 11.25 inches, they are big enough to hold most of the delicious dishes we serve to our family and special friends.  Square plates, square bowls, and all of the serving pieces pictured are for sale in our store, The Polish Pottery Outlet, in the Denver Metro Area and on our website at www.thepolishpotteryoutlet.com. We have new shipments coming in on a regular basis, so if the item you desire is not there, be patient, because new items and patterns are checked in continuously!  If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call at 303-789-0100.  We love to hear how you use your pottery, and we want to know which items you would like to add to your collection!

Set your table with fall colors!




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