A Polish Pottery Addict’s True Confessions

February 27, 2012 2 Comments

 When true Polish Pottery lovers walk into the door of The Polish Pottery Outlet, a few things normally happen:

~Many grab at their  chest and start breathing heavily…

~Some get the uncontrollable giggles…

~Some grab their cell phone, and contact their friends and relatives…

~Some stop short-they are speechless…

~And others just walk around in amazement with an elated look on their face.

~Many remark that they are having a “sensory overload…”

~Most people (Yes, even those who have been to the manufacturers in Poland) say that they have never seen such a huge variety of Polish Pottery in one place–EVER!

We get lots of very nice comments and notes from our customers, and this is one of the funniest emails Dan received from one of our new friends.

I am a new customer and have a problem. I want every piece and don’t have
enough money to buy it all. My son lives in Englewood, CO so when I come to
visit I will have to visit your store and look at all of the dishes. If I
ever win the lottery or if the Millionnaire knocks on my door, my problem
will be solved. I just discovered these dishes and can’t get enough of them.
They’re beautiful. My second order was just placed.
Thank you for allowing me to whine about “the problem”.

Dear Mimi,

Counseling services are available with 24 hour notice. We appreciate
the beauty and quality of the pottery as well and feel blessed to be around
all of these wonderful items on a daily basis. You are not the only one to
experience this dilemma, but we recommend you approach it cautiously until
that first lottery installment arrives. We’ll make sure we have plenty
around to supply your habit!
Best wishes,
The Polish Pottery Outlet

If you are ever in the Denver area, come see us at our retail store, located on the southwest corner off of Santa Fe and Oxford.

If you don’t live in Colorado, or just busy, shop on line anytime At our website: www.thepolishpottery.com

Or give us a call at 303.789.0100 and  we would be glad to help you!!!


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Geraldine Goss
Geraldine Goss

May 31, 2019

I just received a large box of Polish Pottery in the Poppies in Bloom pattern. It is a Christmas gift for our Goddaughter. Yes, I do shop early. Oh I just love all the Polish Pottery. So many beautiful patterns to choose from and to mix and match. I guess I am lucky I don’t live close by because I would be in the outlet every week. Thank you for the well packed items that you mail. Everything is so well packed to prevent breakage.

Sue Collins
Sue Collins

February 19, 2019

Hello! I, too, have a “problem” with Polish pottery. It all started with my boss’ wife giving me a bowl for Christmas one year. Later on, a friend and I went to the Denver Christkindl Markt to look at your merchandise. One of the girls at the booth asked what I was looking for, and I said a fruit bowl. She said they didn’t have any at the booth, but there were some at your outlet store. My friend and I both looked at each other and gasped, “OUTLET store??!!” We immediately made the trip to Englewood to see. I walked through the door of your store and I swear I heard angels singing! I could not stop smiling and felt giddy all over. It was overwhelming for me! Thanks to your store, I have increased my collection from one bowl to over 100 pieces (and still growing). I love the functionality and durability. Not to mention they are beautiful. My goal is not to have two of the same pattern. I hope to visit your store again soon for another “counseling” session. It truly is therapy! :-)


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