Polish Baked Turkey – or Turkey ala Ala!

November 22, 2011 1 Comment

When Dan, the owner of  The Polish Pottery Outlet, lived in Poland, he made many friends who are dear to him. Although he made many friends, Przemek and Ala are a couple of the extra-special people whom he refers to as “his Polish family.” Their oldest daughter is even his God Daughter, and they are always in our thoughts.

Our wonderful friend, Ala, and her beautiful family live in a wooded area on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. We were treated to a stay in their home, and this is one of the recipes she shared with me. The amounts of fruits you use depend on the size of your bird and individual tastes.  There are no exact measurements….I know, I know….it is hard for those of use who are used to following a strict recipe – let loose! Let her rip!  Go for it…take a walk on the wild side, and try this one!

There is one requirement, that you mix it and bake it on Polish pottery from The Polish Pottery Outlet in the Denver Metro area just north of Old Littleton (on Oxford  right off of Santa Fe). You can also visit our website to shop at www.thepolishpotteryoutlet.com.(click here to connect directly to our website)

Polish Baked Turkey – Ala’s Way! 

Prepare your turkey by washing it well.
Rub the  bird with garlic and salt.

Prepare the following in a bowl, then fill turkey before baking:
Use enough to fill your turkey and cut in thick slices.

Oranges- Peeled and quartered
Apples- quartered
Raisins- a few
Oil-because it could be dry

you can also add:
A few apricots

Bake your turkey as usual, then discard the fruit. Ala says it has a most delicious flavor!!

Guru Tips:

Try using a Polish pottery large mixing bowl to combine the fruit. I use the largest in the series of the m087 series – It spans mo81- mo87 consecutively and nests one inside the other.   I mixed and matched all ” Signature” (or some might refer to them as “super unikat patterns”) patterns to make a gorgeous set.  I leave it out on a shelf on display when it is not in use.

I also recommend using a Polish pottery12″ x17″ oval roaster or oval basia or and  a round ornate serving plate( also a series I use a lot t141 – 144 in search box or click here to connect directly) for the baking and serving the turkey.  In addition to being beautiful, our stoneware is safe when baking up to 425 degrees.

Come visit us in person at The Polish Pottery Outlet or call at 303.789.0100!  We would be glad to help you with any questions!!!



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