Meet the new owners on their first factory visit in Boleslawiec, Poland

June 21, 2022

Behind the Clay

Meet the Glinas

In 2022, Julie, Kari, and Minda, friends for decades, formed Glina LLC and became owners of The Polish Pottery Outlet.    

Travel with the new owners to explore this fascinating product and share the journey of discovery. 

First stop: Manufaktura, a factory in Boleslawiec, Poland to meet  our esteemed factory partners.










 Julie, Minda, and Kari at Manufaktura

Nice to meet you...

Julie Nelson, Owner

Photographer, Artist, Designer

Favorite Pattern?

Poppies and Posies, because I like the way the little navy flowers weave through the larger flowers and leaves, giving the pattern an unexpected texture.

Minda DeVoto, Owner

Stylist, Buyer, Planner

Favorite Pattern?

I can't decide. I like so many different patterns depending on my mood. I'm always imagining cooking some unusual recipe, depending on what the pattern is.  My first Polish Pottery Dish was a Lasagna baker

Kari Swenson, Owner

Merchant, Creator, Strategist

Favorite Pattern?

The traditional Peacock Plate pattern is my favorite.I love learning about the rich history of the simple stamping technique. Peacocks are intriguing, and the blue dots glow against the glossy white clay

Polish Pottery Outlet works with multiple factories.   Manufaktura is our largest partner and we celebrate many years cooperating together.  Our visit to their showroom and factory was memorable.

Learn more about Manufaktura

Visiting with our Partners at Manufaktura

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